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Goldwind Completes First Large-scale High Altitude Wind Farm Project

  • Goldwind Completes First Large-scale High Altitude Wind Farm Project

    Beijing, China - Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Goldwind) announced that it has completed the construction of its first large-scale high altitude wind farm project, which consists of 33 1.5MW Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PMDD) turbines with a total capacity of 49.5MW. This is another showcase of Goldwind's objective to find and create value for customers, as well as its strong R&D capability.

    The project is located at Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the mountain area in southwest Mouding county, Chuxiong, Yunnan province. The wind farm is situated at 2000 to 2500 metres above sea level. According to specific geographic and climatic features, the GW82/1500 and GW77/1500 high altitude wind turbines were selected for the project.

    In April this year, Goldwind's first two high altitude 1.5 MW prototypes were successfully connected to the grid in Xi Tie Mountains of Qinghai Province and became operational. They have since maintained an impressive average availability rate of over 98.5%. According to the estimation based on a measured power curve, each unit can annually generate 2.8 million kWh, with an air density of 0.88 kg/m3 and an average wind speed of 6.5 m/s.

    Source: globalenergywatch.com


Ron Paul Vote Fraud / Mike Rivero is Angry

  •   Ron Paul Vote Fraud / Mike Rivero is Angry

    webmasters comment:

    Posting this since the majority of the readers comes from the U.S. (followed very closely by Germany and Russia). This is important info if you live in the U.S.!

    I lived in Memphis for awhile and was there on the September 11. I had the chance to see the U.S. before and after and i am aware of what it has done to the ordinary working american, that is as everybody in any country just trying to get by the day and feed the family. (I had to write this, beacuse many people in europe and elsewhere think of americans as war hungry gun wielding cowboys, without realizing that the average Joe has as much influence on the state politics as the counterparts in europe - that being zero, with the exception of that special day when you get to cast your vote.)

    I arrived there in august few weeks before the attacks and the grandpa of my gf at the time (she was the reason why i was there) kind off profeticly gave me the book Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy. So it was a completly natural reaction, perhaps a litle ignited by the novel fiction when i said on 9.11.  " They did this them selves."

    I do believe that Ron Paul is a chance for ordinary americans to win back their country and i therefore appeal to all to heed Mr. Rivero's call and share this information.

    Source: freedom4um.com


Cannabis Kills Cancer says UCLA and Others

  • Cannabis Kills Cancer says UCLA and Others

    webmasters comment:

    This video is a compilation from the movie What if cannabis cured cancer. - TRAILER

    I guess this is a must see not only for anyone suffering from cancer but mostly for all of the Japan. You can not treat cancers caused by radiation with more radiation. That's not called treatment, that called slow killing. This plant might be their hope. Cannabis was also used as the most successful phytoremediator after the Chernobyl accident.

    (Phytoremediation - Phytoremediation (from the Ancient Greek φυτο (phyto, plant), and Latin remedium (restoring balance or remediation) describes the treatment of environmental problems (bioremediation) through the use of plants that mitigate the environmental problem without the need to excavate the contaminant material and dispose of it elsewhere.

    Phytoremediation consists of mitigating pollutant concentrations in contaminated soils, water, or air, with plants able to contain, degrade, or eliminate metals, pesticides, solvents, explosives, crude oil and its derivatives, and various other contaminants from the media that contain them. (wikipedia)

    Source: activistpost.com


Fukushima: Cover up a human rights violation

  • Fukushima: Cover up a human rights violation

    Report criticizes government cover up that put human life, health and dignity at risk, a major human rights violation

    The Japanese government initially withheld computer projections on the amount of radioactive material released after the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe and ongoing human rights violation began, claiming that releasing that data "would cause unnecessary panic," according to an interim report covered by the Daily Yomiri on December 30. Nuclear watchdogs have attempted to get vital information to the public about the unprecedented high risk of radiation poisoning, the latest being Erin Brokovitch.

    Source: examiner.com


Radioactive.eu.com in 2011

Radioactive.eu.com in 2011

As this year ends it is time to reflect back through the year and whatever may be said it would be unjust without the mention of YOU -  the reader of this webpage, that has made radioactive.eu.com what it is.

Since you preety much know my way of thinking by now, you also must know that this is not a regular "i love my readers that i never met and i know them only by some obscure +1 in the webpage statistics" kind of BS, but that i indeed mean it when i say, that YOU have made this website work.

And i can not thank you enough for it. And if the children in Japan would know the truth, they would thank you to.

To cut to the point, here are a few statistics to back up my claims:

Since June when this website came online (the backtrack of all the important articles could not be possible without whatreallyhappened.com - thank you Mr. Rivero! ) this website had:

- 618,409 pageviews and 49.94 GB od data transfer all together with an average time for a reader to stay on a page being 587 seconds on nearly 10 minutes.

But here is the important part - from where did all the visitors come from?

- Direct address / Bookmark / Link in email...  = 88 %
- Links from an Internet Search Engine ... = 6.6 %
- Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines) = 5.4%

Sharing means caring phrase just caught a whole new meaning, thanks to you, dear reader of this webpage.

It is you spreading the truth outthere and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for it.

So as a thank you i promise not to put adds on this webpage ever again.

Special thanks goes out to the great webmaster of enenews.com not only for his tireless and consistent work, but also for all his positive comments about radioactive.eu.com, that have greatly contributed to the inital recognition of this website. Along with him, thanks to the whole enenews community. Life bless you all!


Elite Undeniably Engaged in Poisoning the Masses

  • Elite Undeniably Engaged in Poisoning the Masses

    Not really nuclear related but it does give an insight on why the Japan government is acting as it is. Or any other government for that matter covering up the full extent of Fukushima disaster.

    We still don't know what was the source of detected Iodine in Europe and we have confirmations that the iodine emissions are ongoing. I wish me a geiger counter for 2012 and if i find out that it is our NPP leaking, there will be some serious ass whooping around here.

    *still sick, very limited functionality :( , able to work just few mins at a time. Hopefully will get better soon. 

    Source: activistpost.com


ICRP underestimated the low dose symptom risk by 85%

  • ICRP underestimated the low dose symptom risk by 85%

    NHK is starting to change its attitude to the truth. It’s finally starting to broadcast what is actually true.

    On 12/28/2011 ,NHK reported ICRP’s manipulation in late 80s.

    In this TV show ,NHK reported that ICRP manipulated the actual data for the political reason. After Chernobyl ,the cancer rate in Sweden has gone beyond the estimation of ICRP. In USA ,radioactive tritium from a nuclear plant increased cancer rate. ICRP standard has been known as a false “science”.

    webmasters comment:

    ICRP = International Commission on Radiological Protection. 

    Source: fukushima-diary.com


Tough Road Ahead for Nuclear Power

  • Tough Road Ahead for Nuclear Power

    Several experts have recently made it clear that they think nuclear power isn’t going to be growing any time soon, and will continue to experience popular criticism and fear, especially in light of the recent damage taken by the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan.

    In a heavy-handed opening to a press release announcing the publication of a new paper written by Mark Cooper, senior fellow for economic analysis at the Institute for Energy and the Environment (at Vermont Law School), the nuclear industry’s past year is summed up quite succinctly:

    With the Fukushima disaster, earthquake-related reactor shutdowns, further reactor project cost escalation, infighting at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and cheap natural gas, 2011 was a year the nuclear power industry would prefer to get behind it as quickly as possible.

    webmasters comment:

    Link to the full research described in the article (pdf 16 pages).

    Source: cleantechnica.com


Crew remained inside Russian nuclear submarine as firemen battled to put out massive blaze... but are they still trapped?

  • Crew remained inside Russian nuclear submarine as firemen battled to put out massive blaze... but are they still trapped?

    A massive fire aboard a Russian nuclear submarine at an Arctic shipyard has finally been extinguished.

    Several crew members remained inside the Yekaterinburg sub as the blaze raged overnight at a repair dock in Roslyakovo shipyard in the Murmansk region.

    Defence Ministry spokesman Colonel Igor Konashenkov insisted there was never any danger of the fire spreading inside the sub and said the crew reported that conditions on board remained normal.

    It remains unclear whether they were trapped by the flames or ordered to remain behind.

    Source: dailymail.co.uk


The Yakuza and the Nuclear Mafia: Nationalization Looms for TEPCO

  • The Yakuza and the Nuclear Mafia: Nationalization Looms for TEPCO

    It is not that the industry ties to anti-social forces were previously unknown. Engineers who worked for the firm noted the practice dated of employing yakuza members at nuclear plants dates back to the 1990s. Police sources also recognize that yakuza having been supplying labor to the area for decades. In the Japanese underworld, the nuclear industry is the last refuge for those who have nowhere to go. One yakuza explains it as folk wisdom, “Otoko wa Genpatsu, Onna was Seifuzoku・男は原発、女は性風俗”--, in other words, “When a man has to survive doing something, it’s the nuclear industry; for a woman, it’s the sex industry.”

    The Fukushima plant is located in the turf of the Sumiyoshi-kai, which is the second largest yakuza group in Japan with roughly 12,000 members; it has a well-known office in Tokyo’s Ginza District and operates under the banner Hama Enterprise. One mid-level executive in the organization even defends the role of his members in the Fukushima disaster. “The accident isn’t our fault,” he said. “It’s TEPCO’s fault. We’ve always been a necessary evil in the work process. In fact, if some of our men hadn’t stayed to fight the meltdown, the situation would have been much worse. TEPCO employees and the Nuclear Industry Safety Agency inspectors mostly fled; we stood our ground.”

    Source: theatlanticwire.com




    ...Residents near the nuclear plant started evacuating on the evening of March 11. On this point, the report says SPEEDI was useful.

    "[Its projection] was at least effective for determining that residents should evacuate," the report said.

    The science ministry, NISA and the commission calculated the projected spread of radioactive material from the crippled plant using SPEEDI. NISA submitted some of SPEEDI's results to the Prime Minister's Office after 1:30 a.m. on March 12.

    However, as the results were accompanied by documents suggesting the data "were not very reliable," they were not passed to then Prime Minister Naoto Kan...

    webmasters comment:

    So NISA sumbitted only selected results and even those with documents saying that the data is not reliable.

    "we have no reason to believe that Japan is withholding information, the information is bad enough that it can be trusted"

    Andrej Stritar, chairperson of ENSREG - European Nuclear Safety Regulator Group in his email response declining my request to recommend to our PM evacuation of slovenian nationals from Japan in the first week of the accident.

    I sincerly hope one of our professional athletes that were in Japan at the time of the accident will sue the last penny out of him.

    There is a 4 parts of this interim report, but as always, it is a whitewash, stating the obvious, avoiding the hard facts and doing all it can so that the nuclear genocidal japan village can continue its devastating path.

    NUCLEAR ACCIDENT INTERIM REPORT / Law dysfunctional in face of unimaginable disaster

    NUCLEAR ACCIDENT INTERIM REPORT / Prime Minister's Office caused delay in release of info

    NUCLEAR ACCIDENT INTERIM REPORT / Without water, reactor cores heated up

    Source: yomiuri.co.jp


Fukushima Mother to Reporter: “I Wish My Daughters Were Never Born

  • Fukushima Mother to Reporter: “I Wish My Daughters Were Never Born

    About 70km from Fukushima Daiichi, on the boarder of Fukushima and Tochigi prefectures lies the city of Shirakawa. It’s was a pleasant city with lots of green space that was mentioned by Basho in his famous poem The Narrow Road to Oku. Every year they hold the Daruma Ichi festival that celebrates Daruma dolls, traditional toys that symbolize perseverance and good luck.

    However now the background radiation is at times 0.60μSv which is about three times the average dose of radiation we receive during our daily lives. Here, a tearful mother of two confesses to reporter investigating financial compensation something that a mother should never have to say: “I wish my daughters were never born.”

    webmasters comment:

    just noticed that this is the current leading article at enenews.com.

    Fukushima mother weeps to reporter: I wish my daughters were never born — “I apologize to them for giving birth” 

    Source: en.rocketnews24.com


Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Update for December 27th –December 29th, 2011

  • Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Update for December 27th –December 29th, 2011

    State of Nuclear Politics in Japan

    Yasutaka Moriguchi, who championed the Monju fast-breeder reactor as head of the nuclear energy division at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT), has been named to the top bureaucratic post at MEXT. The move is significant, as Moriguchi could influence decisions regarding decommissioning of the Monju reactor. Once hailed as a pillar of the Japanese nuclear cycle, Monju has been plagued with problems since construction began. The government recently announced that it would cut research and development spending by 25%and overall spending by 70% in 2012, which would effectively freeze its long-term use. The decision was a blow to nuclear power production in Japan.

    webmasters comment:

    I have today watched one of recent Arnie's videos that i missed where he explains that he was a nuclear whistle blower from 1990 and also mentions some lawyer that told him quite similarly to what George Bush said. "You are either with us or against us and you have crossed the line".

    Now what do we do with all them nuclear  ****heads that don't cross the line, that know the truth, that know how many children get killed by the nuclear industry, that know how much cancer and leukemia is around every single nuclear power plant, that are killing and deforming children around the world and yet they put their face on and tell you all that all is safe?

    I believe the nuclear industry in general and all promoters of nuclear energy should be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

    *note to my "nuclear readers"
    I am aware that this website is read in great portion by industry professionals comming from various nuclear fields ranging from research, pharmaceuticals, NPP's  to U.S. nuclear military complex and i am gratefull to all that have sent me your comments, observations and are granting me the honors to read my "at times" insulting comments.  Also special thanks to all that see through my insults and take them as they are. As my grandma would say:" You should name the sin, but not the sinner".

    I know each of you has a family to take care off, credits in the bank and i really am not angry at people trying to survive in this crazy world. I am angry at people that are willing to take shortcuts, usually that shortcut simply being called "money", to support the industry regardless of the truth, because of people like that, all this crap happens. If every nuclear industry proffesional would be as Arnie Gundersen, then there would be a chance for nuclear power and humanity to coexist.

    As it is now, it will be either humanity or nuclear power and if nuclear power prevails, there won't be anything and therefore i believe i am completly in the light of truth when i say that promoters of nuclear industry are the most stupid assholes ever.

    Source: greenpeace.org


#Radioactive Car Emitting Over 30 Microsieverts/Hr in Musashino City in Tokyo Was Returned to Fukushima

  • #Radioactive Car Emitting Over 30 Microsieverts/Hr in Musashino City in Tokyo Was Returned to Fukushima

    The owner of the car got it from his friend in July and the car was from (guess where) the 20-kilometer radius "no entry zone" in Fukushima Prefecture.

    The 20-kilometer "no-entry zone" was officially off-limit until June and the residents weren't allowed to use their own cars until September. Unofficially, there were "rumors" (i.e. not reported in the media) during the summer that people were hired to go and retrieve vehicles inside the 20-kilometer zone. There were also "rumors" of sudden deaths among people who were doing exactly that. The existence of this car in Musashino City, Tokyo is a proof that these reports may have been true.

    Source: ex-skf.blogspot.com


TEPCO Believes Mission Accomplished & Regulators Allow Radioactive Dumping in Tokyo Bay


Japan's nuclear despair in 2012

  • Japan's nuclear despair in 2012

    Japan has said decommissioning the tsunami-wrecked reactors at Fukushima could take as long as 40 years, and some areas around the plant could be uninhabitable for decades.

    Shigeko Sasaki, another nuclear refugee whose house in Namie was swept away by the tsunami is angry at the government for its insensitivity in housing her in a bayside apartment building.

    "I feared water the most," Sasaki said. "Why did (the government) put people like me into somewhere so close to the sea? At first, I thought I couldn't live here."

    After nearly ten months, 61-year-old Sasaki says she has finally grown accustomed to looking at the sea that so cruelly shattered her life, but has not stopped worrying about the future.

    "We have to find a place to settle down, and everybody who I'm now getting along with here will disperse again," Sasaki said, referring to the government's pledge to close shelters as early as April 2013.

    In mid-December, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda announced the country finally had control of leaking reactors at Fukushima, in what authorities say is a vital step on the long road to recovery.

    The government now plans to reclassify a 20-kilometre no-go zone around the plant in April into three categories based on levels of radiation.

    webmasters comment:

    Indeed, why did the government put evacuees close to the most contaminated sea in history? I am guessing from the same reason they declared cold shutdown and from the same reason that they intend to reclasify the 20km zone around  Fukushima.

    Source: news.iafrica.com


Prosecutors drop case against actor Yamamoto, antinuclear protesters

  • Prosecutors drop case against actor Yamamoto, antinuclear protesters

    SAGA (Kyodo) -- Prosecutors dropped a case Wednesday against actor Taro Yamamoto and other protestors opposed to the restarting of local nuclear reactors who were accused of trespassing and interfering with the duties of the Saga prefectural office in July, citing insufficient evidence.

    After questioning the 37-year-old actor on Dec. 19 on a voluntary basis following criminal complaints filed by citizens, the Saga District Public Prosecutors Office said it has found "insufficient evidence to acknowledge their criminal intent and charge them."

    Source: mdn.mainichi.jp


There’s nothing cheap or clean about nuclear power option; ask the Japanese

  • There’s nothing cheap or clean about nuclear power option; ask the Japanese

    To refer to nuclear energy as clean is a great fallacy or simply a display of fatal ignorance. Nuclear power plants produce radioactive waste, whose disposal is a nightmare even for the developed countries. It is not possible for any sincere group of “experts” to deliberate on nuclear energy without reference to the problem of radioactive nuclear waste material disposal.

    In addition to the disposal problem, nuclear power plants require an enormous amount of water to cool the heating rods. Not only is the supply of this water a problem, but its discharge into the surface water bodies is a major threat to the ecosystem.

    Any discussion of nuclear energy, and therefore nuclear power plants, is grossly inadequate and deliberately slanted if it fails to address the reality of possible nuclear accidents such as happened at Chernobyl in Russia in 1986, and recently in Fukushima, Japan, following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

    Source: nation.co.ke


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